100% Donation Policy

About Us


About Islamic Provision

Islamic Provision is a faith-based organisation inspired by Islamic values & non-profitable organisation that provides aid to those who are most in need around the world. to put the true light of Islam in practise by tackling poverty, changing lives and answering the calls of those in need. To bring joy, dignity and honour back to our brothers and sisters in Humanity around the world. islamic provision founded by a group of brothers from South East Portsmouth England, this organisation was created by a group of dedicated brothers inspired by Islam with the desire to save lives. Our team and volunteers are from the heart of your communities helping you make a difference. our aim & desire to help the less fortunate and to provide support in the places where help is needed the most.

Our Mission & Aim
Respond to emergency disasters around world and provide relief. Distribute free Quran & Books.
Develop innovative and sustainable solutions for individuals and communities living in poverty.
Tackle the root causes of poverty in any region and make positive changes. To bring the light of Islam to individuals and communities around the world.

Islamic Provision take the trusts of people very seriously and guarantee that every last penny we receive from you is spent supporting the cause/project you have donated towards. Meaning, if you donated for a orphan your money will only be spent on orphan to provide shelter. food, education, medicine, clothing, Not a single penny will go towards administration, marketing or generating further funds, All our Appeals are 100% donations policy not just zakha. Alhamdulillah.

Our Vision

A world that is free from poverty, starvation and water shortages, A world filled with justice, love, care and tarbiyyah. A world that enables and empowers each and every individual from anywhere in the world to reach their true potential, without being held back by the difficulties of poverty.

Protecting Life

We aspire to bring communities together, Muslims and Non-Muslims, people of different faith and backgrounds & all walks of life in hopes of joining hands on our common goal of tackling poverty.

Qur’an & Sunnah

The boundaries set by Allah in the Qur’an and the Prophetic example in the authentic Sunnah is what we strive to follow.

Sincerity (Ikhlas)

Our work is for Allah’s sake alone with hopes of gaining His reward.


We regularly showcase all of our work to our kind and generous donors from around the world, as well as our accounts, statistics and figures annually.


We take the trust (Amanah) of our donors very seriously & acknowledge that we will be held accountable for every penny in front of Allah (God).

Islamic Advisor

Mufti Sharif Muhammad Saed

Islamic School Principal and Imaam of Birmingham masjid. His work includes the writing and translation of many books on Islamic fiqh and Islamic culture. Most notable being the glorious Quran translated from Arabic to begali.

Our Team

Osama Musa

Uk Fundraising & Events Project Manager.
Profession Senior Event Coordinator / Managing Director - Burgeon Events, Hospitality & Events Manager

Musa Hussein

Profession Manager at United Car Centre

Alsadig Osman Mohammed Omer

Sudan Project Manager
Profession Imaam & Business men.

Mohamed Salim Mohamed.

Project Manager in Yemen
Profession English Teacher, Business Corespondent instructor and a Good Samaritan .

Mallam Tajudeen Adeotan.

Project Manager & Field Worker in Nigeria
Profession *B.A (Islamic Studies) Online Islamic University, Doha, Qatar. *Managing Editor, Minbar Ul Haqq, Islamic Magazine. *Imam, Idedo Ota Central Mosque, Idedo Ota.

Hisham Mohammed Fadlelseed Ahmed

(Sudan Project Manager) Food Distribution Field work & Task Management. Profession Secondary School Teacher and In charge of Quran school & local Masjid funds Raiser.

Ripon Sarder

Bangladesh Project Manger
Profession Call Centre Manager

Shafiqual Islam Rajon

Bangladesh Project Manger
Profession Call Centre manager

Habibur Rahman

Photography and video editor.
profession Head of Photography & Video for the award winning, Portsmouth News.