100% Donation Policy
Our Pledge!

We all trustees pledge to our donors that no wages or earnings at all will be taken from the charity by both, trustees or volunteers, until our very last breath

All trustees take the trust (Amanah) of our donors very seriously & acknowledge that we will be held accountable for every penny in front of Allah (God).

Islamic Provision has been operating for 4 years and the trustees have been paying out of their own pockets to fund all operational, logistical and administrative costs. The trustees pledge to continue doing this as long as the charity is run, as they solely believe that no donations should be used to cover such costs and wish to use all charity towards its causes.
Islamic Provision does not receive any funding from the government. Insha’Allah from all the donors support through your amazing donations, this will help the charity grow enabling us to claim gift aid.

What is Gift Aid?
Gift Aid is a scheme which allows charities to claim from HMRC, the basic rate of tax their donors have paid. Gift Aid increases the value of donations by 25%, so it means all the money you donate will 100% go to the causes you care about – and it won't cost you extra. If you a tax payer, please select gift aid as you are making your donations to allow for more support to be available for the charity.

This will be crucial in helping the charity as the gift aid money will be used to cover logistical and operational costs of our work. Therefore, meaning that all your donations will be received by those who are in need and you can have the satisfaction with the peace of mind knowing that every penny donated has been used for its purpose.
We make a pledge to all of our donors that our 100% donation policy means every pound you donate will fully go towards your selected appeal. We will not take a single penny from it to be used towards administration costs, fees, advertising & marketing or for any fundraising outside of our cause.

To educate, build and support communities against the challenges of poverty enabling them stand stronger against the fight to eliminate poverty. A world that is free from starvation, water shortages and suffering to make a world filled with love, care and tarbiyyah. A world that enables and empowers each and every individual from anywhere in the world to reach their true potential, without being held back by the difficulties of poverty.

After years of dedicated Islamic work in Da’wah, distributing Qur’ans around the world with translation and the various humanitarian projects we have undergone. Our team has built a foundation with a strong Islamic ethos guided by Islamic values. We take the trusts (amanah) of the people very seriously and with great care. Here are some of our key principles:

Qur’an & Sunnah
The boundaries set by Allah in the Qur’an and the Prophetic example in the authentic Sunnah is what we strive to follow.

Sincerity (Ikhlas)
Our work is for Allah’s sake alone with hopes of gaining His ultimate reward of J’annah.

We regularly showcase all of our work to our kind and generous donors from around the world, as well as our accounts, statistics and figures annually.

We aspire to bring communities together, Muslims and Non-Muslims, people of different faith and backgrounds & all walks of life in hopes of joining hands on our common goal of tackling poverty and suffering.

We take the trust (Amanah) of our donors very seriously & acknowledge that we will be held accountable for every penny in front of Allah (God).

Would you like to support us in the fight against poverty and the suffering of the Ummah?